interface PostPayload

Data that can be used to create a post.


text: RichText | string

The post text. Can be a string or a RichText instance containing facets.

facets?: AppBskyRichtextFacet.Main | Facet[]

A facet represents a range within the post's text that has special meaning (e.g. mentions, links, tags). Prefer to use the RichText class to create posts with facets. This will override any facets present in the text property or detected automatically.

replyRef?: ReplyRef

A reference to the post's parent and root posts.

images?: [ImagePayload?, ImagePayload?, ImagePayload?, ImagePayload?]

1-4 images to attach to the post.

quoted?: StrongRef

A link to a post, list, or feed generator to be embedded within the post.

external?: ExternalEmbedPayload | string

An external embed to attach to the post. Can either be a link to resolve the embed preview from, or an object for more fine-grained control.

langs?: string[]

A list of two-letter language codes that the post is written in.

labels?: PostSelfLabels[]

The labels to attach to the post, if there are any.

tags?: string[]

Additional non-inline tags to attach to the post.

threadgate?: { allowFollowing?: boolean; allowLists?: string[] | List[]; allowMentioned?: boolean; }

An optional threadgate to be applied to the post.


allowFollowing?: boolean

Whether users followed by the bot are allowed to reply.

allowLists?: string[] | List[]

Lists or AT URIs pointing to lists whose members are allowed to reply.

allowMentioned?: boolean

Whether users mentioned in the post are allowed to reply.

createdAt?: Date

The time the post was created.

Default: new Date()