interface ParsedCommit

Represents an update of repository state.


$type: "com.atproto.sync.subscribeRepos#commit"

seq: number

The stream sequence number of this message.

tooBig: boolean

Indicates that this commit contained too many ops, or data size was too large. Consumers will need to make a separate request to get missing data.

repo: string

The repo this event comes from.

commit: CID<unknown, number, number, Version>

Repo commit object CID.

rev: string

The rev of the emitted commit. Note that this information is also in the commit object included in blocks, unless this is a tooBig event.

since: string | null

The rev of the last emitted commit from this repo (if any).

blocks: Uint8Array

CAR file containing relevant blocks, as a diff since the previous repo state.

ops: RepoOp[]

List of repo mutation operations in this commit (eg, records created, updated, or deleted).

blobs: CID<unknown, number, number, Version>[]

List of new blobs (by CID) referenced by records in this commit.

time: string

Timestamp of when this message was originally broadcast.